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"I would never turn back now after using Fleetmatics. I saved lots of money by getting Fleetmatics installed on my vehicles."
John Gaughran

Gaughran Brothers Renews with Fleetmatics Fleet Tracking to Reduce Costs

Located in Kells, Co. Meath, Gaughran Brothers provides timely customer service-oriented transportation services to a variety of clients including the "Irish Times" and "Irish Independent." However, rising costs, reduced revenue and increased competition threatened the company's growth potential.

John Gaughran, owner of Gaughran Brothers, realised the potential of GPS fleet tracking to improve his business. But it wasn't until a colleague recommended the Fleetmatics GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution that Mr. Gaughran discovered the perfect way to overcome his business challenges.

Staying With a Winner

Gaughran Brothers found out about the Fleetmatics GPS solution the old-fashioned way: word of mouth.

Mr. Gaughran had been thinking about installing a GPS tracking system in his fleet of 17 vehicles for some time, but he remained unconvinced by the tracking solutions he had seen. It wasn't until a colleague mentioned his great experience with Fleetmatics GPS that Mr. Gaughran felt he found the right GPS tracking partner.

"My friend owns a transport company and told me that he would be lost if it wasn't for the Fleetmatics tracking system," said Mr. Gaughran. "He said that he was able to sleep at night with peace of mind while saving a lot of money on the daily running of his business."

Mr. Gaughran found out what his friend was talking about once the system was installed. In fact, the results were so impressive that Gaughran Brothers recently renewed their contract with Fleetmatics in order to continue enjoying the cost-cutting benefits of GPS tracking.

"I would never turn back now after using Fleetmatics," said Mr. Gaughran. "I saved lots of money by getting Fleetmatics installed on my vehicles."

Live Track Gets Results

Mr. Gaughran makes extensive use of the many Fleetmatics features but finds that the Live Fleet feature with Google Mapping offers significant benefits to the company's bottom line.

"With Live Fleet being so accurate, I can determine where all my drivers are at all times," said Mr. Gaughran. "I also know which driver is nearest to a location for a drop off or collection."

Mr. Gaughran keeps the Live Fleet screen open throughout the day to continuously track his vehicles. By knowing the exact location of every driver, Gaughran Brothers has improved dispatching and routing, which has resulted in more deliveries per day.

"Roughly, I make an extra €200 per day on extra drops because of Fleetmatics," said Mr. Gaughran. "The system has paid for itself 10 times over."

Live Fleet has also helped Gaughran Brothers save time and money on excessive mobile phone calls.

"Instead of making 23 mobile phone calls per day to find out where my drivers are, I can just take one look at Live Fleet," said Mr. Gaughran. "I've saved at least €300 per month on my communications bill."

Generating More Business

As a transport company, Gaughran Brothers' drivers can only work a certain number of hours. With the Hours Worked report, Mr. Gaughran can be sure his company complies with the law.

In addition, the idling report has helped the company reduce idling times by 30 minutes per vehicle per day. This significantly contributes to cutting fuel costs.

But Fleetmatics proves most valuable as a tool to improve customer service.

Gaughran Brothers dispatches the "Irish Times" and "Irish Independent" newspapers, and they have to make sure the drops are done on time and at the right location every morning. With Fleetmatics, Mr. Gaughran can be sure his drivers exceed these expectations.

In addition, the company's other clients appreciate the ability to know exactly when their deliveries will arrive.

"When my clients ring me, they love the fact that I am able to tell them my driver's location and how long he or she will be," said Mr. Gaughran.

"All my jobs come from word of mouth and I don't even have a website," added Mr. Gaughran. "One happy client is worth their weight in gold as they can refer me to their clients. Fleetmatics helps with this snow ball effect and it's how my business is thriving."

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