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Des Kelly Interiors
"We’ve been very, very pleased with the entire Fleetmatics experience."
Alan Toomey
Operations Director

Des Kelly Interiors Improves Driver Accountability With Fleetmatics

For over 50 years, Des Kelly Interiors has been the source for quality furniture, wood and vinyl flooring, rugs, carpets and beds. With 13 branches located throughout Dublin, Meath and Kildare, the company focuses on customer service as well as selling products that support local and Irish businesses.

Part of their service is delivery and pickup, so Des Kelly’s drivers play a large role in ensuring customer satisfaction. With 38 vehicles on the road, those trips demand organisation. To help on that end, the company turned to the Fleetmatics GPS Fleet Tracking System.

The Fleetmatics system provides the user with the ability to view the location of all the vehicles in a fleet in real time from a centralised, web-based interface, along with such key information as speed, mileage, start-up and shut-down, and much more. These tools are designed to help businesses reduce operating expenses and increase productivity.

Since implementing the Fleetmatics system in June of 2008, Des Kelly Interiors has seen a major improvement in key areas, says operations director Alan Toomey. “Our drivers are more accountable now. They have reduced their speeds and idle times, and improved their routing to be more efficient.”

Because Toomey can check Fleetmatics for the location of any of the company’s vehicles at any time, day or night, there is no longer any unauthorised after-hours vehicle use. “The guys take their vehicles home, and we’ve always allowed them some personal use, within reason,” says Toomey. “Now, they will phone and ask – prior to using the vehicle – to make sure it’s okay. They even ring the office if they’ve finished a job early to see if there are more jobs to do, and that increases our productivity.”

Those improvements have also shown on the company’s bottom line. For example, the Hours Worked Report provides a summary of the actual hours worked for each vehicle and can be used as an electronic timesheet. With such data as actual start and finish times, hours worked and days worked, Toomey can record accurate work hours, improve back office efficiencies and eliminate payroll discrepancies. “We know that they’re accurate,” he says.

Addition to improved fuel consumption fleet-wide, Toomey has also noticed that his drivers have modified their driving behavior, resulting in a reduced number of speeding tickets, which has certainly saved the company some money.

These enhancements have certainly been reflected in Des Kelly’s customer service, and Toomey adds that working with Fleetmatics’ customer service department has been “great. We’ve been very, very pleased with the entire Fleetmatics experience.”

Des Kelly Interiors
Des Kelly Interiors

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