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"Idling alerts in the GPS system have helped us reduce fuel costs. Employees are now reminded to reduce excessive idling times when re-loading, especially within the winter months."
Gary Coogan

Irish courier firm increases productivity and improves efficiency thanks to Fleetmatics

Irish courier firm Coogan Couriers implemented GPS fleet tracking from Fleetmatics to help improve efficiency while routing and also increase productivity. Since installing the fleet management system, the company has experienced significant benefits – both in terms of job productivity and efficiency, as well as an added bonus, lower fuel bills.

Coogan Couriers is a reliable courier service situated in Castleblayney, County Monaghan. The company strives to provide the highest level of service and quality possible to its customers by ensuring its fleet has the latest technology installed, which includes the Fleetmatics GPS tracking system. This has enabled Coogan Couriers to give its customers an accurate delivery time, and provide them with a sense of security whilst handling their shipment.

Before implementing Fleetmatics, the firm owner Gary Coogan, found it difficult to locate the exact whereabouts of its fleet, which was causing inefficiencies while routing. The company’s aim to excel in customer service was also being hampered due to the poor visibility of its fleet.

“Before implementing the GPS tracking system, it was hard to locate our drivers, we used to have to call them on their mobiles and sometimes we still weren’t able to get the exact location. We also never knew exactly when our fleet would start in the morning,” said Mr. Coogan.

Mr. Coogan uses a variety of features within the Fleetmatics GPS system, but found that the company massively depended on one specific feature, and that is ‘Live Fleet’. This feature enables Coogan Couriers to determine the location of its fleet at all times. This has enabled the firm to route more efficiently and also helped them with routing for additional jobs.

“When we open the Fleetmatics system, we can see our vehicles’ exact location, thanks to the ‘Live Fleet’ function. Sometimes many of our drivers have to come back to our base, to re-load and go onto another job. The ‘Live Fleet’ feature has therefore made it easier to plan more routes efficiently by making us aware of the fleets’ accurate return time. The whole process is now less complicated and saves valuable time,” added Mr. Coogan.

When the Fleetmatics GPS system was first specified, the potential fuel saving was not viewed by Mr. Coogan as being a major factor in the decision making process. “Idling alerts in the GPS system have helped us reduce fuel costs. Employees are now reminded to reduce excessive idling times when re-loading, especially within the winter months.

We have also managed to save fuel simply by looking at the personal use of vehicles. We receive a daily report each morning, which allows us to see if there has been any major out of hours driving,” said Mr. Coogan.

Since installing the Fleetmatics fleet management system, Coogan Couriers’ efficiency and job productivity levels have improved greatly. Mr. Coogan previously had a different GPS tracking system; however, since implementing Fleetmatics, he explains: “Fleetmatics is much better than our previous system, there are a lot more features and it’s a smoother system. It was good having previous knowledge about GPS tracking as, when we saw the Fleetmatics demonstration for the first time, we knew it would be a greater advantage for our business.”

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