Earn a Break this Summer by Working Smarter

Posted by Andrew Mead

Up to three quarters of small business owners and entrepreneurs have sacrificed holidays to keep their business running.
A holiday is an important investment in the biggest asset the business has, so how do the remaining 25% manage to take time off and keep the business running?  Here are some great services to help entrepreneurs kick back, revitalise, and allow staff to step up to more responsibility.
Never miss a payment

Online accounting services such as Xero help you to schedule payments and invoices whilst you're on the beach, keep track of your business health at any time with helpful dashboards and deal with emergency payments from your tablet or smartphone.  
Manage your inbox like a ninja

Many email clients come with advanced tools to automatically deal with incoming emails whilst you're halfway up a mountain. You can use Office 365 inbox rules to automatically forward or redirect messages to another user and send different reply messages depending on the sender, subject, content or date. 
Find new customers

How do you keep customers coming to your website whilst you're sailing in the Caribbean? Services such as Hootsuite help you to easily schedule your social media posts in advance and view all your activity in one place.  Your customers need never know you're in the Norwegian fjords. 
Productive Staff

What are your field staff up to whilst you're on safari?  Are they slipping back into bad habits of late starts, early finishes and wasteful driving behaviour? Fleetmatics REVEAL gives you fleet information on your smartphone and tablet, with near real time and historical views.  Just knowing that you can see everything that is going on should help keep them on the straight and narrow.
Get a virtual receptionist

Don't want a mass of voicemails waiting for you when you get back?  Let a virtual receptionist filter out the calls and avoid a long queue of voicemails when you get back. Monthly services such as PureJam will answer your calls, forward your important messages by email or text and save the rest for when you get back. 

With a little bit of preparation it is possible to have a truly revitalising holiday and come back with the time and energy to implement those eureka ideas generated from the sun lounger.

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